Visibility Vocal – scambio giovanile in Irlanda

L’Associazione Ottovolante é alla ricerca di 6 partecipanti (15-18 anni) e 2 group leaders per uno scambio giovanile in Irlanda sul teatro.

QUANDO: dal 6 al 13 Agosto 2017
DOVE: Newbridge, Irlanda
DESTINATARI: 6 partecipanti dai 15 ai 18 anni + 2 group leaders (18+)
PAESI PARTECIPANTI: Italia, Spagna, Danimarca, Grecia, Francia, Irlanda


Il progetto é finanziato dal programma Erasmus+. Il 100% dei costi di vitto e alloggio sono coperti dagli organizzatori. I costi di viaggio saranno rimborsati una volta ricevuti tutti i biglietti e le fatture originali. Il budget di spesa massima per il viaggio di ogni partecipante italiano é di 170 euro. I costi dei trasporti saranno rimborsati dagli organizzatori con trasferimento bancario dopo aver ricevuto i documenti in copia originale.

per maggiori informazioni:

31 maggio 2017


Project Description:

This youth exchange will explore making site-specific theatre with young people. It will focus on using public spaces in which young people make their concerns and interests visible through performance. It will explore how performance relates to a site, and how sites can inspire a performance.

Over the last 5 years we have practiced site-specific theatre as a way of bringing our interests to the public in a very visible way. We’ve performed plays about mental health in parked cars; ones about gender in the rooms of a local hotel; about our love of music festivals in tents in our community park; and plays about abandoned buildings that we could use in closed shops and old buildings around the town. We have found that this type of theatre makes a huge impact on those who see it, resulting in some cases in decisions being made by local politicians in favour of some of the ideas we proposed in our plays.

The objectives of the project are:
– to learn, by doing, about the usefulness of site-specific theatre in bringing our issues to public view
– to share with each other our ways of making these kind of plays
– to meet and befriend young people who have the same passion for theatre as we do – to learn about the other countries represented here
– to learn a lot about the interests and concerns of our generation across Europe (as expressed in these plays).

The exchange will use a mixture of task-based activity, interactive workshop, drama exercise, discussion, dance and movement, performance, sub-group work, research, and presentation to generate the learning. The project meets Erasmus+ priorities by stimulating and supporting youth entrepreneurial abilities by generating critical reflection and problem solving situations. It also encourages cooperation and understanding between the partner organizations in terms of young people facing very similar economic realities. The project uses the young people’s creativity as a tool to enhance their skills set. It is about helping them take action themselves to express themselves in their own terms.

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